April ‘Critter of the Month’ 2015

Two new Dragonfly pendants for this month. They are both enamel on silver and hang on a leather thong. One is cloisonné enamel and the other has painted under-glaze details. Hope you like them. … [Read more...]

March ‘Critter of the Month’ 2015

These are my new Gurardian Angel Brooches. These are Funky Guardian Angels with attitude! They are enamel on sterling silver and have underglaze and gold lustre details with painted faces and punky, … [Read more...]

February ‘Critter of the Month’ 2015

Late again! Here at last is My February Critter of the Month. A silver and enamel Fish and Chip Fork.   It is champleve enamel with cloisonné details on sterling silver. I made it as an … [Read more...]

January ‘Critter of the Month’ 2015

Happy New Year! A little late I know but there has been a lot happening to keep me busy! I had some serious health problems at the end of last year which has taken some time to recover from. One thing … [Read more...]

Critter of the Month – December 2013

Finally, my last 'Critter of the Month' for 2013. This is a collection of Angel Candlesticks, very fitting for Christmas I thought! However, remember an Angel is not just for … [Read more...]

Critter of the Month = November 2013

Here is my Critter of the Month for November 2013. He is a Horse Head brooch and the picture shows him with the page in my Technical notebook where I colour tested suitable enamels. He is … [Read more...]

Critter of the Month – October

Here is my Critter of the Month for October. It is and sgraffitto enamel ammonite fossil set in silver on a silver ring. … [Read more...]

Critter of the Month – September 2013

Celebrations! at long last here is my Critter of the Month for September. It is an Indian Elephant on one of my Wall Art Clocks. i actually finished it some time ago but I just haven't had the time to … [Read more...]

Critter of the Month -July 2013

Meet Milton, the Scottish hare. Something a little different for my Critter of the Month for July! He is made using a Needle Felting kit from Jenny Barnet, I bought the kit several months ago with the … [Read more...]

Critter of the Month – June 2013

Late again but here is my Critter for June. He is pierced from sterling silver with a hammered texture. His ear and eye are pierced. He is 25mm wide by 21mm high. He hangs on a chain augmented … [Read more...]