March ‘Critter of the Month’ 2015

These are my new Gurardian Angel Brooches. These are Funky Guardian Angels with attitude! They are enamel on sterling silver and have underglaze and gold lustre details with painted faces and punky, pre-raphalite hair! Each one goes through 6-8 separate firings  in a kiln set to 810 degrees centigrade, for one to two minutes each time. I first made Guardian Angel brooches a number of years ago and I have long wanted to make some more.  These have been work in progress on the back of my bench for some time whilst I have been developing them and experimenting with new effects. I am really pleased with the finished result. They are slightly larger than the originals and measure approximately 48 mm long. The underglaze detail is influenced by the work of Harry Clarke, a stained glass artist and book illustrator whose work I encountered on a recent visit to Dublin.






I really enjoy making Guardian Angel brooches and I find it really rewarding when people contact me to purchase one. Very often they are a gift for someone who has been having a difficult time or has maybe lost someone dear to them. I do believe in Angels myself, and I hope that in some way my brooches can bring some comfort to people in their time of need.