Critter of the Month – December 2013

Finally, my last ‘Critter of the Month’ for 2013. This is a collection of Angel Candlesticks, very fitting for Christmas I thought! However, remember an Angel is not just for Christmas!



They are hand-pierced from copper and they are enamelled using the sgraffitto technique with touches of lustre to finish. The candlestick itself is made from copper and fits a standard Ikea candle which has a tapered bottom of approximately 22mm. Unusually for me, I have used a selection of multi colour carefree lustres with purple and blue lustre detail on the Angel’s clothing, silver on their wings, orange on their hair and with my favourite gold for their halos. I am really pleased with the effect because it adds a touch of sparkle to them with out making them too glitzy. These are most definitely Angels with attitude with their ‘punky’ red hair. Their faces are modelled on some of Erté‘s  drawings from a book I received last Christmas. I am really pleased with them and I hope you like them too. These are not the first Angels I have made and I plan to do more on this theme in the future. 

There is a story to how these actually originated. I lost my Father just before Christmas and the idea of Angels came to my during a sleepness night about a week later. When my husband’s father died we were in Venice and we bought a Murano glass Angel which comes out of the cabinet each Christmas. I think this is what prompted me to create these and for this reason they are special to me.

I have really enjoyed this challenge and I think it has spurred me to create new work I might otherwise not have done. Watch this space for my 2014 challenge. Suggestions are welcome.