Linda Connelly Enamels and Jewellery

Linda Connelly is a multi award winning Enamel Artist and Jeweller. She makes enamel art and jewellery inspired by places and memories. Current work includes pieces inspired by English Country Gardens and her recent holiday in Sicily. She seeks to create pieces that can help the wearer remember special moments and bring them feelings of joy and happiness. Enamelling is the art of fusing glass to metal. This is done in a kiln at temperatures between 800 – 1000 degrees C. Each piece undergoes many firings although each one only lasts one or two minutes. Linda specialises in the traditional techniques of cloisonne and champleve and uses hand engraving on the silver to add texture and definition under and around the enamel. Some pieces are augumented with semi precious stones and beads. Every piece is made individually by hand and no two will ever be identical.

See here for Linda’s Online Shop where a small selection of pieces are available. There are always more than can be seen here so please don’t hesitate to message if you want something slightly different. If you are outside the UK she is very happy to arrange shipping at cost and please ask for a quote.

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Thank you and welcome to the magical world of Linda Connelly Enamels where glass and metal are fused to make art to remind you of happy and peaceful times in your life.