My Story

Linda Connelly is an enamel artist who is inspired by stories, memories and dreams. She began enamelling over thirty years ago when her then new husband bought home an old enamelling kiln for her to try form a junk shop. She had always experimented with a range of different media and art forms and there was something about the combination of glass and colour that seduced her and enamelling has now become a major part of her life.  She loves to create unique and colourful pieces of enamel art with a narrative, bringing memories to life in jewellery, bowls and small panels. We are all made up of stories and remembered moments in time. Reminding ourselves of special moments can help to enrich our lives. Linda particularly enjoys working on silver and combines the traditional skills of hand engraving, cloisonne and champlevĂ© to create colourful, richly detailed pieces which are beautifully made and finely finished. Inspiration comes from the vibrant colours and architecture that she saw in India and also on recent trips to Venice and Sicily, as well as childhood holidays to the Jurassic coast, Norfolk and Cornwall.

Blending and shading different Enamels to build up veils of colour in order to convey mood and feeling never fails to provoke a sense of excitement and anticipation, as no two pieces are ever completely identical.  Each piece evolves over a succession of firings, typical anything from six to a dozen or more although each one only lasts a minute or two. Linda welcomes commissions and will be delighted to discuss with you the designing and making of a special piece, maybe one that tells a story that is important to you. 

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