The most important part of my enamels and jewellery is that it is designed to last and be handed down in throughout the generations. In today’s world of throwaway and wear once, I believe this is a critical part of my commitment to sustainability. Many of my pieces are designed to be worn in several alternative ways and also to be adapted as tastes and fashions change. For instance, new ear fittings or new chains can be added and varied. When I buy silver I aim to use every part possible and the remainder is scrapped and recycled. I buy the silver to fit the design layout of the pieces I have planned thus reducing waste. The tiny scraps that remain are used for test samples for my enamels and also to try out engraving patterns and designs. My kiln is a modern one that is well insulated with a thermostatic control so it maintains the right temperature and doesn’t over heat. I have many beads and stones that I have accumulated over many years, but where I need to buy new, I choose an ethical supplier. I have always avoided buying and using coral or any other endangered species. Where possible I am looking to change to Eco silver but this isn’t always possible at the moment, I am committed to continuously reviewing my practice with a view to keeping up to date with current best practice.