Blue Vase Necklace

I have been doing some online Art Classes with Leighton House Museum, London. It was the former home and studio of the leading Victorian artist, Frederic, Lord Leighton. It grew into a ‘private … [Read more...]

“For the Love of an Elephant“ new cloisonné enamel necklace

For the Love of an Elephant cloisonné enamel necklace I made this necklace for the Cookson Gold February Design of the Month competition. The theme was Love and I immediately thought of this title … [Read more...]

Farewell to 2020

I thought it fitting at the end of this most momentous and eventful year to write a brief post to mark the close. What a year it has been! I began in January trying to balance teaching, supporting … [Read more...]

Hothouse Flower Pendants and the Pursuit of Excellence

Is an artist or craftsman ever truly satisfied with their achievements? An interesting question and whilst I think everyone will have their own answer to this, I think overall the answer is probably … [Read more...]

Warlingham Craft Fair

Two blog posts in a week! What is happening to me? I am really excited because I am taking part in a real life event at Warlingham Church Hall on Saturday 5 December 10am to 3 pm. It is the first time … [Read more...]

Botanical Gardens – The Latest News

I am really excited to announce that my Botanical Gardens - Wisley Necklace has been chosen to be included in the new Association of Contemporary Jewellers (ACJ), exhibition Glasshouses. Botanical … [Read more...]

Tiny Silver Dishes

I decided to experiment making something slightly larger than my usual jewellery. These are still quite small being around 50 mm in diameter. Champlevé enamel with cloisonné detail and hand engraved. … [Read more...]

Wisley Botanical Gardens Enamel

I have been thinking a lot recently about visits to Botanical Gardens and the wonderful collections of plants that they house. I have many happy memories of visiting Kew Gardens as a young child with … [Read more...]

Staff Meeting – Friday 29 May 2020

In Attendance: Me - Chair, Designer, Maker, Publicity, Website, Everything else Jyp - Head of Security and Apprentice Husband - Maintenance Officer The meeting started at 10 am after our … [Read more...]

Seaside Enamel Jewellery

Well the lockdown continues and I am really missing being able to visit the beach. I long to walk along the sand dipping my feet in the sea. I miss walking over the rocks looking for unusual patterns, … [Read more...]