Online Class with Enamelist Society, USA

I will be teaching an online class with the Enamelist Society on 14 March and 21 March 2024. The time of the class is 11 am – 1 pm Eastern Time.

This is a virtual workshop. In this 2-session workshop we will explore the cloisonné technique. This is where coloured enamels are fused into a network of raised cells on a gold, silver, or copper base. We will focus on working on silver using transparent enamels, but it is possible to apply the same techniques to working on copper with just a few adaptations. These can be discussed if required. This is a beautifully versatile technique that can work well on a large scale on copper, down to extremely intricate work on precious metals. See here for more details

Classes at Forge, Leather Lane, EC1

I am very pleased to announce that I have now begun teaching regular Enamelling classes at FORGE located in Leather Lane, London EC1N 7TJ, a stones throw from Hatton Garden and in easy walking distance from Farringdon Tube and Train stations. Prior to this I successfully taught Jewellery and Enamelling classes for Croydon Adult Education for 12 years. When their classes ceased I set up my own weekly classes where I rented premises in two local schools and they ran until Spring 2020. I have also run workshops for both children and adults for many different organisations including the Guild of Enamellers at their annual conferences and teaching Enamelling Classes at the world-renowned Art in Action in 2014 and 2015. Email me at if you would like further information, advice about my Classes or would like to invite me to teach Jewellery or Enamelling Classes.

Make Day: Enamelled Pendant

Saturday 10 February 2024; 10.00AM – 2.00PM; £85

You will make a silver cloisonne enamel pendant with a simple design. All materials are included. The class is suitable for all levels.

FORGE, Leather Lane, London EC1N 7TJ

Make-Day: Advanced Cloisonne

Saturday 16 March 2024; 10.00AM – 4.30PM; £175

You will make a silver cloisonne pendant and there is the opportunity to do a more complex design in this longer class. All materials are provided to make a silver pendant. I will cover tricks and techniques to achieve detailed designs, firing the wires into place, grinding your own enamel colors, blending and shading the enamels, building up the layers of colour and finally how to achieve a smooth even finish. The class is suitable for all levels and I am happy to advise on your own projects that you may have begun at home. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at

FORGE, Leather Lane, London EC1N 7TJ

Make-Day: Blended Enamel Silver Pendant

Saturday 20 April 2024; 10.00AM – 2.00PM; £85

You will learn the ancient technique of cloisonné vitreous enamelling, focusing on blending the colours to create a beautiful gradient of colour. You will learn how to attach the silver cloisons and then how to fire layers of enamel to create a beautifully blended colour surface. For further information please contact

FORGE, Leather Lane, London EC1N 7TJ

Make-Day: Enamel with Decals

Saturday 6 July 2024; 10.00AM – 4.30PM; £170

You will learn about the exciting possibilities of making and using your own decals. You will use them to make an silver and enamel pendant which you will then make a silver bezel setting to fit. There will be the opportunity to concentrate on the enamelling if you already have jewellery making skills. All materials are included to make an A5 sheet of decals and a silver enamel pendant in a bezel setting. For further information please contact

FORGE, Leather Lane, London EC1N 7TJ