I am starting to make video tutorials of techniques. Click on the sub menu to find these. I hope you find them useful. If you enjoyed watching and found it useful, then you might consider making a small donation towards treats for Jyppy, my faithful doggy apprentice. Here is the link. https://paypal.me/LindaConnellyEnamels?locale.x=en_GB

Finishing the Enamel Video showing some of the process I go through to achieve a beautifully, smooth finish to my enamels

More About Finishing the Enamel Video discussing enamel finishing techniques.

Here are some links where you can buy a JoolTool in the UK and learn more about them.

http://www.metalclay.co.uk/search.php?search_query=jooltool UK Stockist

https://jooltool.com/ Information about the Jooltool