I like to set my cloisonné enamels in bezels because then I can do all the soldering completely separate to the enamelling. Here I show how I set one of my enamels into the bezel I have made. I discuss how to prepare the bezel for setting as well as showing the actual setting process together with the final polish.

Short video showing some of the process that I go through to achieve a beautifully smooth finish to my enamels. Finishing is a major part of the enamelling process. It is the time when even a good enamel can go horribly wrong and be irretrievably damaged. I speak from experience! Happily with practise and care, it is also the time when an enamel that looks good, becomes transformed into a wondrous jewel that both looks and feels beautiful. I hope this video helps you to begin to understand the process.

More about enamel finishing techniques, use of JoolTool and hand finishing together with some of the problems you may encounter and how to deal with them.

Videos showing how I form the wires for cloisonné enamel. Here I am working on one of my botanical gardens pendants.

Forming the Wires for Cloisonné Enamel Part one

Forming the Wires for Cloisonné Enamel Part two

Here are some links where you can buy a JoolTool in the UK and learn more about them.

http://www.metalclay.co.uk/search.php?search_query=jooltool UK Stockist

https://jooltool.com/ Information about the Jooltool