Dragonfly Pendant Commission

Before Christmas I was very excited to be asked to design and make a silver and enamel Dragonfly Pendant. I worked with the client over several months to produce the eventual design. It is always a huge honour to be asked to make something special like this which hopefully will become a family heirloom of the future. Here are some photos of the work in progress.


Pierced, etched and engraved silver ready for enamelling

First layer of enamel has been carefully wet laid in place and is ready for firing

First layer of enamel has been fired to orange peel

Second layer of enamel has been wetlaid and then fired to continue building up shading and depth of colour

The Pendant has had several more layers of enamel and now is ready for the final stages. The surface will be meticulously ground until it is even and Matt, before being polished with diamond pads. In this case I chose to have the enamel surface an eggshell finish.

Here the Pendant is complete with the silver polished to a subtle shine.