Evolution – New Enamel Designs

I have recently spent some time developing a new range of enamel designs that I have been planning for than a year. The title ‘Evolution’ originates from a exhibition I was asked to produce work for but it also perfectly describes the development of my new range. It is the culmination of the past thirty five years or more that I have been learning and developing my designs. Many of them incorporate fine gold cloisonné, 18ch gold bezels and moissanites which I have flush set in 18ct gold.

Gold Cloisonne enamel ammonite on engraved silver with African Blue Opal Jasper Beads

Sustainability and the environment is very important to me and all the silver and gold that I buy is recycled. Moissanites have a similar appearance to diamonds but are a more ethical choice because millions of tons of earth don’t have to be moved to uncover them, and they don’t end up as currency in human conflict. Both of which are major issues in the diamond industry.

Rings – Gold cloisonné enamel on silver with moissanites and 18ct gold settings. Available in different sizes to order.
Silver and gold cloisonné enamel on silver cuff bracelets
Purple and blue gold cloisonné on engraved silver Fossil Pendant