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April ‘Critter of the Month’ 2015

Two new Dragonfly pendants for this month. They are both enamel on silver and hang on a leather thong. One is cloisonné enamel and the other has painted under-glaze details. Hope you like them. … [Read more...]

March ‘Critter of the Month’ 2015

These are my new Gurardian Angel Brooches. These are Funky Guardian Angels with attitude! They are enamel on sterling silver and have underglaze and gold lustre details with painted faces and punky, … [Read more...]

Magic Carpets Jewellery

Here is my latest Magic Carpet necklace. I always find the hardest thing is knowing when to stop. Nothing I make is ever perfect in my eyes and so often I have ruined things by not stopping at the … [Read more...]