Spring Hare Cloisonné Enamel

I had a commission to make a Spring Hare necklace, similar to one I have made before. Here are some pictures showing the process I went through to make it. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.

The wires are in position and ready to be fired on top of a layer of flux over the engraved silver disc.
Colours have been ground with pestle and mortar and placed in little pots ready to apply. Notes in my sketch book and photos show me the colours I used before and the effect I am looking for. The wires are not identical and the colour placement certainly won’t be which means the piece will be finished piece will be unique in its own way.
First full layer out of the kiln. You can see it is very under fired.
Wet layer enamel showing some of the blending. Ready to fire.
The piece is ready for its first grinding. You can either use diagrit or I like to use my JoolTool
The piece has been partly ground down. You can see the shiny areas which will probably need more enamel. I will do a little more grinding, taking extreme care not to go too far so I make any of the enamel thin and pale in colour. Then I will glass brush it under running water before refilling the shallow depressions with more enamel.

I have just made my first video and uploaded it to You Tube where I talk about the finishing of this piece in more depth. Check it out and let me know what you think. –Https://youtu.be/7zUpowcjm-Q

Spring Hare Necklace.
Cloisonné enamel on silver in a silver bezel setting.


  1. ann thomson says

    Thank you for your excellent video You explained the process very clearly so that a student could easily follow I hope I see more Ann

    • Thank you Ann. I am glad you found it useful and I do hope to do more.