Mermaid Necklet

Mermaid Necklet

I have just entered my Mermaid Necklet in a Facebook competition for ‘Gifts from the Sea’. It is cloisonné enamel on fine silver. It is in a fine silver bezel with sterling silver fronds of seaweed which were cast from a wax model that I made. A single pearl hangs from a loop and it is suspended on a sterling silver chain. The cloisonné uses fine gold and fine silver wires. I have engraved a texture beneath the enamel and around the outside is written in wire the following words: ‘They dwelt in halls of seaweed and shells’. This is inspired by the words of an Enya song. The whole idea came to me when I was swimming off the coast of Crete. We were told that beneath us was the remains of a Roman city. As I swam, I wondered how they knew it was Roman and perhaps it was the Kingdom of the Merfolk.

‘Gifts from the Sea’ for me encompasses the myriad of colours and patterns found in fish; the sinuous, sensuous lines of fronds of sea weed; the intricate, exquisite detail of shells and the luscious bounty of the oyster. However, for me the greatest gift is to our imagination in the guise of Merfolk.  I believe that this necklet truly does represent ‘Gifts from the Sea’ in all it’s forms and I hope you like it.


  1. Tracey Owen says

    Hello again Linda

    Really not that well up on blog sites, sorry. Wanted to receive an email every time you post on your blog, like you mentioned in your email, however I’m not sure how to do this from your blog page?

    Any help please?


    • Still working on this. I think you have to have a Word press blog yourself to do this. However, someone else said it didn’t work for them so I have been chasing my web host who doesn’t respond to emails! Will be ringing him very shortly!! Happy New Year