Sea Pebble Silver Bowls

pebble-bowlSea Pebble Bowl

This is a hand-raised silver bowl with cloisonné enamel on  the  inside.  The rim has the addition of 18ct gold wires that are reminiscent of the gentle lap of waves on a sandy beach. The gold set labradorites symbolize tiny pebbles in the sand whilst the moonstones derive from bubbles in the surf. The bowl has a separate base so it can be positioned at an angle to better admire the inside.

Dimensions: 563 mm diameter and 350 mm high


Sea Pebble Salt Bowl

The hand-raised silver bowl has a gilded interior for salt. The out sized silver rim is enamelled with the addition of gold foils. There is a separate silver base so it can be re-positioned at an angle if desired.

Dimensions: width 701 mm, height 350 mm