New Work 2023

I am working on new pieces all of the time. I tend to work in themes as this is how my mind works. New designs present themselves to me and I am always excited to try and capture them in enamel and metal to try and create them how I can see them in my minds eye. I will update this page throughout the year with new pieces so to get updates when I do, sign up to my newsletter here.


Evolution Earrings with engraved silver ear droppers and moissantites set in 18ct gold.

I have been looking at alternative ways to hang my earrings instead of using my usual wavy ear wires like these ones.

Monstera Leaves on Orange
Gold cloisonne Leaf Earrings on Bluebells

These earrings all have posts and butterflies which I find pleasing for these more elaborate earrings.

In and Out the Dusky Bluebells II

In and Out the Dusky Bluebells II – Gold and silver cloisonne with Iolite set in 18ct
In and Out the Dusky Bluebells II with Fresh water pearls
In and Out the Dusky Bluebells II – Reverse

This is the second necklace I have made this year inspired by the Bluebell woods near where I live. The title comes from a Children’s playground rhyme that I remember we used to sing. It is gold and silver cloisonne on hand engraved silver in a silver setting which features an Iolite set in 18ct gold. I originally intended it as a pendant but then I decided to add the side panels which have gold cloisonne leaves to highlight the new Spring growth. The necklace features freshwater pearls and it fastens with a simple silver clasp. It won an Award at this year’s Guild of Enamellers Conference.


I have just begun work on a series of small floral pendants, mainly with bearded Irises but one with Cherry blossom that is always such a herald of Spring and bears the promise of sunny days to come. These represent my latest ideas and act as developmental pieces for work to come this year. Most are simple pendants but one also can be worn as a brooch. I intend to do more like this. Like for much of my work I hope they will inspire happy memories and bring a sense of peace to the wearer as they wear and touch it throughout the day.

New Themes and Inspiration

All of the Enamels I make begin with a story and in reality the Iris pieces have a very long and convoluted gestation beginning over thirty years ago when I first began my enamelling journey. When I first started I used to make and sell cloisonné enamel brooches at craft fairs and this funded my new tools, books and supplies that I needed to continue learning and developing. One of my most popular designs was a purple Iris on a black background. I think the inspiration for this probably came from my long fascination with Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts designs. Iris designs can be seen throughout the many sketch books I have had over the years but nothing has felt quite right for a piece of jewellery so they remained just in my head and on paper. Recently I had the inspiration I needed along with a new shape for a pendant that I designed that instantly reminded my of my love of Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau. Whilst trying and failing to sleep one night I saw the new design in my mind come to life.  It would be a closeup, reminiscent of the work of Georgie O’Keefe and with the colours of the Iris painting by Van Gogh. A quick google the next morning and two new books were on their way to me; Van Gogh Flower paintings and another on the work of Georgie O’Keefe. When they arrived I was blown away by the colours and texture of the Van Gogh Iris painting and although I loved the immediacy of the Georgie O’Keefe they lacked the texture that I desired. Their closeup nature though was perfect as it captures the magic of the flowers and the level of abstraction really works on a decorative level. I wanted to depict the essence of the Bearded Iris flowers with their ombré colours and texture rather than being distracted by the frills and frippery of the shape. When I looked closer at the Van Gogh through it reminded me of an Iris necklace I had seen before and for ages I couldn’t find any reference to it. I thought it was French and Art Nouveau but finally I tracked it down in a book devoted to Arts and Crafts style. It is English and made by Nelson and Edith Dawson and owned by the V&A. I was really struck by the colours especially the vibrant green turquoise of the leaves which seems to echo the Van Gogh. I spent a happy day looking at photos I had taken over the years of Irises, drawing them and then trying to capture their colours in paint and coloured pencil. These drawings form the basis of my further exploration of this theme. Quickly after I drew a design for a major new necklace which features a central pendant and a collar of enamelled plaques all around. To make this and achieve the effect I desire will take a lot of work and so I am embarking on a series of small enamel pendants and earrings which will serve as developmental pieces. I am really excited about this project and hope others will feel similarly enthused when they see the results.