Making of Fossil Panels

I have been fascinated by fossils and have been collecting them for many years. Some I have collected myself, and some I have purchased. I love the subtle patterns and textures that have been imprinted on pebbles and rocks over millenia. These enamelled panels evolved from my Rock of Ages Panels and incorporate fossils that I own and that I have studied and gazed at in museums.

I begin by making a life size cartoon of my planned design. I only use this as a guide which means that every panel is unique.


Then I pierce out the sheet of copper using my new large Knew saw. I file the edges smooth.


Then I apply white liquid enamel using brushes and sponges to the front.


Then I sgraffito (scratch) through the dry enamel to create the design. This is then fired.


I then add counter enamel to the reverse and thin layers of sifted jewellery enamels and each piece is fired again. Sometimes a segment will need further layers of colour and subsequent firings in order to achieve the effect I want. Next comes the exciting part of selecting the right stones for each segment. This can take a while.


Once the design is complete I carefully glue each piece into place. Then it is ready for plastering.


Finally the panels are complete and ready for their frames.