Staff Meeting – Friday 29 May 2020

In Attendance:

Me – Chair, Designer, Maker, Publicity, Website, Everything else

Jyp – Head of Security and Apprentice

Husband – Maintenance Officer

The meeting started at 10 am after our daily exercise

Apologies: Technical Officer and Chief Food Taster

The Chair began by thanking everyone for their best efforts to keep everything going for another week. It was rather emotional on Thursday because this was the day she went to collect her mother’s things and say goodbye to the staff who had cared for her. In the circumstances and due to the current emergency this all had to be done in the car park from a safe distance. It wasn’t a nice way to end things but there you go. She is pleased to report though that she decided to make a donation to the home to pay for a tea party for the staff and residents, hopefully with music and dancing like they have had before. She hopes this may just give them a little fun to help them recover from the terrible trauma they have been through. So many were sick and so many residents lost their lives, although thankfully none of the staff. A terrible time for all concerned.

On another note it has become apparent that the patio and table has been repurposed as a substitute for a library with all the usual restrictions on talking and making a noise. It is hoped that once the Technical Officer has handed in his current assignments it can go back to being a family patio with talking. She is however happy that meal times and barbecues are still permitted! It was for this reason the Technical Officer was unable to attend as he was far to busy and at a critical stage in his studies. This is all fine because she hopes he will get a really good job when he finishes and will therefore be able to take her out for lots of treats!

This week was the first time she had tried to run a virtual social event for both her classes. It was lovely to see everyone and to compare lock down hair! She is expecting to be able to have a pony tail by the time the hair dressers reopen! First time since she was eleven! Maybe she will keep on growing it? We will see.

Head of Security

Jyp continues with his regular patrols and is actively chasing out any enemy visitors! We continue to be visited by enemy agents from the Stripy Faced gang so morning patrols with the Chief Maintenance Officer are ongoing. His Search and Rescue training is proceeding and he has found several tennis balls in the woods. Sadly no lost jewellery items in the Chair’s studio yet! However, his contribution as a Jewellery Apprentice is going well with excellent feedback being given on proposed new designs. He hasn’t made any progress yet with practical tasks but the Chair remains optimistic or maybe simply deluded!

Maintenance Officer

Regular morning patrols are proving essential along with regularly having to block up new tunnels under the fence in order to maintain security and keep the Chief Security Officer on his own property. Regarding maintenance issues he is looking froward to operating on the printer later today as it has a blocked print head. Actually he doesn’t know yet but hopefully will read this and learn just how valued he is!

Technical Officer

The Chair read out a report. Very busy. Enjoying all the nice meals. Please make banana cake for weekend. Don’t talk on patio when working.

Any Other Business.

Dog hair, too much crockery etc all continue to be an issue although everyone’s help is appreciated.