Staff meeting – Fri, 17 April 2020

In Attendance

Me – Chair, Designer, Maker, Publicity, Website, Everything else

Jyp – Head of Security and Apprentice

Husband – Maintenance Officer

The meeting started at 10 am after our daily exercise

Officers’ Reports

Chair. The Chair apologised that last weeks meeting was cancelled this was due to the very sad and unexpected loss of her mother and she hadn’t felt like having a meeting. Jyp interrupted to ask if that was the lady who always forgot his name and thought he was a girl. The Chair confirmed this was the same person. Jyp said he was very sad because he always used to jump up at her very carefully so as not to knock her over in order that she could reach to stroke his head. Jyp asked if she had died as a result of the Emergency and also asked whether that was why he had been doing Emotional Support duties and the Chair confirmed that both were the case and asked for him to continue to make himself available as required. Jyp was happy to confirm that he would.

The Chair reported that she has been managing to work a little and had made two new necklaces and earrings which are both completely new designs. She is really pleased with them and hopes that they may find new homes soon so she can buy more treats in recompense for the Emotional Support duties. She also said another necklace had flown off to the USA and she had received an order to make a new necklace for the same client and that she had began work yesterday and also ordered new chain which she would need but was likely to take a very long time to arrive because of the current Emergency situation.

The Chair reported that there had been one more incursion into next door by the Head of a Security but since then the neighbour has been putting up a new fence which it is hoped will make the boundary secure. The Maintenance Officer is checking the boundaries every morning to check that no new holes have appeared. He thinks the damage may be caused by a black and white stripy face enemy agent. The Chair stated that we don’t have any objection to wild life in the garden but she does wish it wouldn’t damage the fence every time they pass through.

Head of Security

Jyp stated that he had been carrying out regular patrols of the boundary and was happy to report that there hadn’t been any incursions during the time he was allowed out. He did ask if he might be allowed out more particularly at night. Perhaps the kitchen door could be left open to allow access at any time? The Chair stated categorically that this was not possible and that frankly she didn’t trust him to remember not to jump on top of the fence or compost heap and into next door. She also didn’t want him mixing with the Stripy faced visitors as she strongly suspected this would result in Jyp requiring a visit to the Vet to get stitched back together. Jyp reported that on one excursion next door he had liberated a ball from next doors Head of Security. He suspected this may be a spying device so he was carefully and vigorously inspecting it to ensure it was safe.


Jyp stated he had been kept very busy doing Emotional Support and Head of Security duties. He had though very much enjoyed discussing the new designs with the Chair and hoped his opinions had been useful. The Chair agreed that he was excused on this occasion but hoped he would make an attempt to learn the trade in the coming weeks and Jyp agreed he would.

Maintenance Officer

Husband reported that he was carrying out a daily inspection of the boundaries in order to try and find any holes before the Head of Security did. He also said that frankly he was a devious and slippery fellow and on at least one occasion had been caught enlarging a weak spot in the fence, on one occasion at least by eating the wood! He confirmed that the Head of Security would need to be continually monitored and there was no question of changing the policy of the kitchen door at this time. He also asked if all equipment was working satisfactorily and asserted he stood ready to assist at any time should he be required. Indeed he currently had more time than usual due to the Emergency so would welcome any additional maintenance duties. The Chair thanked him for his diligence and promised to let him know immediately should any action be required.

General Business.

1. Social Distance

The Chair reported some improvement in this in that the Head of Security had been exiting her studio every time she wanted to enter. It did get a little tedious on occasions when she popped out to get something and however short the time Head of Security had moved in necessitating many passings in a very narrow doorway. On other occasions he lay immediately outside meaning she had to keep stepping over him every time she wanted to go somewhere. This was however a slight improvement so she congratulated him. However, she did express concern that the other day she was in the bathroom scrubbing a piece of work in the sink and the Head of Security ran in and jumped in the bath and stood quivering. She couldn’t coax him out and had to get the Maintenance Officer to call him in his Happy voice to assure him that he wasn’t in trouble. Jyp looked sheepish and apologised but said he thought he had heard him get cross and thought he would hide just in case! He was reminded for the need for a back bone and also that there had never been an incident of violence towards him by any member of the household. Jyp agreed this was the case and promised to try.

The meeting ended. The next staff meeting is scheduled for a weeks time unless anything very important comes up before.


  1. So clever Linda! It really did make me smile !

    • Excellent. I am glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  2. Janice says

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Your meeting minutes entertain me greatly and give me reason to smile during these trying times. I wish you peace and comfort and am glad you have your wonderful support team; please give the head of security a treat from me and my emotional support, Bella.