Staff meeting 3 April 2020

In Attendance:

Me – Chair, Designer, Maker, Publicity, Website, Everything else

Jyp – Head of Security and Apprentice

Apologies – Maintenance Officer

The meeting started at 10 am after our daily exercise

Officers’ Reports


Early yesterday morning there was an incident when the window cleaner arrived and decided to clean the windows. The Chair is concerned the Head of Security barked incessantly during this procedure. She stated that although they were undoubtably touching the windows, in her opinion there was absolutely no chance that one would want or be able to enter through them. Jyp said they wouldn’t want to try with him barking so loudly and continuously and that he felt his attention to security kept the house safe. The Chair said even if he happened to be out they still hadn’t tried to break in but Jyp said that was because they remembered how ferocious he sounded and didn’t want to risk it. He asserted he would continue to bark as loud as he could and that would keep everyone safe. The Chair thanked him for his diligence but did say could he ‘tone it down a little’ in future because it gave her a headache to be so rudely awakened early in the morning. Jyp promised to try but couldn’t guarantee to remember when they next came in a months time.

The Chair reported that progress on new work although slow during the lockdown has been continuing. One new necklace went to its new owner this week and they were very happy. Additionally work had began on several new designs and also she was practising and developing her engraving skills. She was happy to report she had sufficient stocks of materials to continue for some time and also would be taking orders for new work. She was however concerned that her Apprentice was showing very little willingness or indeed aptitude for learning or performing even simple workshop tasks. Quite honestly he needed to step up and make more effort or consideration would have to be given to looking elsewhere and bringing in a new Apprentice. More treats would be on offer for satisfactory completion of tasks.

Head of Security

As stated above Jyp said he thought he was doing a good job with security and definitely deserved more treats. He also stated he was patrolling the garden fence at regular intervals to ensure that next doors Head of Security didn’t try to enter our premises. The Chair interrupted at this point to say that this task should only be performed on our side of the boundary and not under any circumstances on the other side of the fence. Jyp looked a little sheepish and said he was only making sure that Head of Security next door understood the importance of keeping to his side of the fence. The Chair pointed out that as Jyp was considerably smaller and had relentlessly teased the neighbour’s Head of Security it was likely to be a very bad tempered meeting of the two should one take place which would very likely result in having to collect pieces of Jyp to take to the vet! So far it was only luck that the two hadn’t met but the fence was there for a reason so that Heads of Security kept to their own properties and didn’t encroach onto the neighbour’s side of the fence. Future breaches would be treated very severely with even more extended stays in ‘bed’ and no more treats!


Jyp stated he was trying to learn but he found it very difficult getting his paws around the tools. He was however still very keen to please and to be involved at all stages. He also said that his Head of Security duties at times left him feeling rather tired in the day and thus needing extra naps. He was also enjoying the opportunity for more exercise with more members of the family choosing to include him when they took their ‘daily exercise’. He really enjoyed this but was quite frankly exhausted! The Chair said they would continue for a while longer and she would persevere in finding tasks he could perform. She did however appreciate the conversation opportunities during the day and also his company.

Maintenance Officer

No work or repairs had been required.

General Business.

1. Social Distance

The Chair stated that this wasn’t being observed by staff. In particular it should be noted that the studio was too small for more than one person there being less than two meters of floor space. This means that Head of Security/Apprentice may not enter whilst work was being carried out and should move promptly from the door way area when people were trying to enter or exit. This as he will be aware is a rule from before but even more important now we have the ‘emergency situation’. Head of Security stated that whilst most of the time he is happy to abide by this sometimes things were scary. Sometimes the Maintenance Officer in the house actually ‘gets out his computer’ and then sometimes whilst using it he ‘sighs’ or otherwise sounds mildly irked. This was so terrifying he felt the need to shelter in the studio where he felt safer. The Chair enquired whether there had ever been any instances that had justified his fear and Head of Security agreed that whilst there hadn’t been he wasn’t taking any chances! He also asserted that in the very distant past before he came to live in his present home, he had been with people who hadn’t been so caring and considerate of his welfare and this meant he wasn’t willing to take any risks. The Chair pointed out that the Maintenance Officer and the Head of Security were actually the very best of friends so could the Head of Security man up, grow a pair and actually acquire a backbone because being in the same very small area with someone using very hot, burning things was extremely dangerous, quite apart from the necessary ‘social distancing’ that was required now. Head of Security agreed to make an effort but couldn’t make any promises. His willingness to try was appreciated and could result in more treats if progress is made. In his role as Apprentice he asked how this would work and the Chair asserted that tasks could be given to him to perform on the carpet outside and that as he was a dog he didn’t actually require the use of a workbench.

The meeting ended. The next staff meeting is scheduled for a weeks time unless anything very important comes up before.