Seaside Enamel Jewellery

Well the lockdown continues and I am really missing being able to visit the beach. I long to walk along the sand dipping my feet in the sea. I miss walking over the rocks looking for unusual patterns, colours and textures. I have been contemplating trying to make some enamel jewellery around a seaside theme for a while. Having time to look at old photos from beaches in North Norfolk, Cornwall and Northumberland, also good with my sketch book proved to be just the stimulus I needed.

Drawings of designs for Seaside Rock Cloisonné Enamel pendants

I am developing the habit of setting aside some time on a Sunday afternoon to sit with my pens and pencils to draw. So far this has proved very fruitful with a number of new designs which I hope will develop into new ranges that people will want to buy. The new Seaside Cloisonne Enamels are proving popular and I have sold several now which feels very promising especially as I have yet to list them in my online shop. I hope you like them.

Finished cloisonne wires for Seaside Rock and Sandy Shore pendants and earrings.