“For the Love of an Elephant“ new cloisonné enamel necklace

For the Love of an Elephant cloisonné enamel necklace

I made this necklace for the Cookson Gold February Design of the Month competition. The theme was Love and I immediately thought of this title and wanted to make a piece for it.

The piece is cloisonné enamel on a hand engraved silver base in a silver setting. He is joyful and colourful and I wanted to make something uplifting for these challenging times. He is all dressed up for a festival or a party. He carries a heart in his upturned trunk. In the Hindu tradition an upward pointed trunk dispenses energy, luck and kindness. Elephants do this to greet friends and to express happiness. I hope he will bring happiness to the wearer and spread joy wherever he ends up!

I was very excited when I heard he was the winning piece. They said ‘The judges chose this piece because they felt the piece was beautifully done and finished to perfection. They also liked the way the theme of love was shown in an non conventional way’. I won £100 to spend which should be quite easy  He has just gone to be hallmarked and then he will be available to purchase. He will cost £230 plus postage. Let me know if you want to reserve him to bring some happiness and joy to your life.

Update. Buy him here in my Shop!