Thursday Tip – Guild of Enamellers

Thursday Tip

Welcome to the latest in a series of articles to do with enamelling and making jewellery. I hope you find them useful. I am writing about issues and problems I have experienced (and hopefully overcome), and tips and shortcuts concerning enamelling and making jewellery that I have come across in the course of the past twenty years or so. As I always tell my students, I have made most of the mistakes possible over the years. I am trying to share what I have learnt so that you don’t have to! Today my tip is if you are interested in enamelling – Join the Guild of Enamellers.

Guild of Enamellers

I have been a member for over 25 years. We have a quarterly journal, regular local workshops you can join in and an annual conference after Easter. All really great value for only £20 a year. You don’t have to live in the UK to be a member although I think it may cost a little more to have your journal posted. I have just returned from this year’s AGM and conference in York which was a fabulous weekend, talking enamelling with lots of like minded friends. Check out the pictures on the website and visit their Facebook page. Be inspired. Hope lots of you join the Guild of Enamellers and look forward to seeing you at future conferences.