Silver and Enamel Tea strainer inspired by Damascene Tiles at Leighton House, London

Silver and Enamel Tea Strainer – Damascene Flowers

I made this for an exhibition with the Guild of Enamellers. The subject was Friendship and Continuity. A tea strainer seemed a perfect choice because what is more friendly than sharing a cup of tea? This piece owes much to the inestimable Rachael Gogerly and Phil Barnes who were both so generous in sharing their knowledge and whose amazing work was so inspirational. Seeing their work has been a constant inspiration to strive to do better and to constantly work to develop my skills and expertise. This piece was a huge challenge for me. I have learnt a huge amount from it and look forward to being able to share what I have learnt. I hope it will act as inspiration to others. The tea strainer is made in two parts and riveted together with tube rivets after polishing. It is champlevé enamel with cloisonné flowers which are inspired by William De Morgan ceramics. It was partially etched to begin and then engraved by hand to form the recess and the texture behind. It measures 81 mm across and stands 12 mm high. The enamel has been polished and the silver rim given a brushed finish to contrast with the shiny rivets and strainer.

Time for a cup of tea.


  1. Liane Dwyer says

    Beautiful as always