About Enamelling

All my Enamel Art and Jewellery is made using traditional skills and techniques at my studio in Surrey, England. I like to make work that is original, fun and of course unique. Enamelling is essentially the fusing of glass to metal, using a kiln, firing around 800°C – 1000°C. Each firing lasts only around a minute, but each piece will have multiple firings, typically anything from six, to more than a dozen. I use a variety of enamelling techniques ranging from traditional skills like cloisonné and champlevé, to more experimental techniques that I have developed using sgraffito and liquid enamels. My enamels  include jewellery, wall art clocks and panels. All are handmade individually with love and care.  I welcome commissions and will be delighted to discuss with you the designing and making of a special piece. If you see something you like on my website, please contact me to see if it is still available.