Linda Connelly Enamels


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Enamelling is the art of fusing glass to metal using a kiln. each piece requires multiple firings at around 800 – 900 degrees C. Typically each piece will have anything from six to more than a dozen firings, each one lasting around a minute or so. A few seconds too long and a piece can be irredeemably damaged making it an exciting and potentially fraught experience. Blending and shading different enamels to build up veils of colour in order to convey mood and feeling never fails to fill me with excitement and anticipation as no two are ever identical. I am inspired to work with themes around memories and dreams together with my travels in India and childhood holidays on the Jurassic coast. I welcome commissions and will be delighted to discuss with you the designing and making of a special piece. If you see something you like on my website, please contact me to see if it is still available.