Linda Connelly Enamels

Linda Connelly was given an old enameling kiln from a junk shop over thirty years ago. She was quickly seduced by the infinite variety of colour and texture that can be achieved with vitreous enamels. Blending and shading enamels to achieve veils of colour is immensely exciting as no two pieces are ever identical. Linda uses a variety of methods ranging from traditional skills like cloisonné and champlevé, to more experimental techniques such as using sgraffito with liquid enamels, hand made decals and other mixed media techniques. She loves to create unique and colourful pieces of enamel art that resonate with your memories and dreams and which fills you with joy and fun. Inspiration comes from working with themes around memories and dreams together with her travels in India, visits to Venice and childhood holidays on the Jurassic coast. Linda welcomes commissions and will be delighted to discuss with you the designing and making of a special piece. If you see something you like on her website, please contact her to see if it is still available.