Linda Connelly is an enamel artist who is inspired by stories, memories and dreams. Linda makes enamel art and jewellery that seeks to tell stories, remember special moments in time and is inspired by memories and dreams. Read more about the sources of her inspiration here. Our lives are made up of a myriad of special moments; of happiness, love, joy, peace and achievements, both large and small. Recalling these moments with a piece of jewellery or art for the home can remind us of special times and inspire us for the future. The ‘Magic Carpets Flying over the City of my Dreams’ necklace above is inspired by some of Linda’s dreams and memories. You can read here about making it and the story behind its creation. Follow her blog to read more about the creation of other pieces as well as technical information. See the Showcase Gallery for new work and the Gallery for other work that is available in Galleries and at shows. See the Gallery pages for New Work as well as other current pieces that are available in Galleries and at shows. Visit Linda’s online Shop where a limited selection is available. If you are interested in something and can’t see it here then please send us a message as there is usually more work available than you can see here. Linda welcomes commissions and will be delighted to discuss with you the designing and making of a special piece, maybe one that tells a story that is important to you. If you see something you like on her website, please contact her to see if it is still available.