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Indian Memories. Earrings, brooches and pendants imprinted with fragments of memories from my travels in India. They are hand made, enamel on copper and set in silver with sterling silver ear wires, chains and chokers. The vibrant colours and paisley patterns are reminiscent of the colourful women’s saris we saw everywhere we went. Some have images of delicate Peacock Feathers, majestic Mogul Forts, noisy Parquets that flocked in the gardens where we stayed, and of course my favourite Elephants.  All are delicately worked with multiple firings of one colour enamel overlaying another to build up a shimmering effect. The images are screened enamel and then each piece is finished with gold lustre. In some the gold lustre depicts a suggestion of another memory, whilst in others it highlights the underlying image. Each Piece is individually made and unique and no two will be exactly the same. The whole effect is one of magic and vibrant colour. Indian Memories, – is available for purchase from Galleries and direct. Please email me if you wish to purchase one of these unique and original designs.